Job Description

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INSURANCE - Financial Reporting and Analysis - Manager


¥ 10,000,000

Primary Skills

Accounting, Tax, Reporting, FP&A, JGAAP, IFRS, CPA, Japanese, English, Leadership



あなたはIFRS / Tax / JGAAP会計データの作成と、地方規制当局とそのグループに対する様々な財務諸表および開示の作成を担当するチームを管理します。

1. IFRS /税務/ JGAAP会計データのタイムリーかつ正確な生産をリードし、経営陣、地方レギュレータおよびグループの間で間違いなくさまざまな財務諸表および開示/報告の準備を行う

•毎日のプロセス管理によるIFRS /税務/ JGAAP会計および報告の適時かつ正確な計算を保証する

•JGAAP / Tax / IFRS会計および報告のタイムリーかつ正確な計算を確実にするために、チームスタッフおよび関連部門とのコミュニケーションおよび交渉




As a member of this international insurance firm your role will be as Financial Reporting & Analysis, Manager.

You would manage the team responsible for the production of IFRS/Tax/JGAAP accounting data and preparation of various financial statements and disclosures for local regulators, and the group.


  1. Lead the timely and accurate production of IFRS/Tax/JGAAP accounting data and preparation of various financial statements and disclosures/reporting for management, local regulator and the group without any mistakes
  2. Analyze financial figures and provide analysis comments for better understanding of financial KPIs
  3. Identify financial Risk and Opportunity through financial analysis and deliver value to drive the company's organic growth
  4. Lead and manage the team with strong leadership and promote the team's collaborative work environment


  • Translate department strategy to specific actions
  • Plan ahead to solve risk issues that may occur in the future; provide solutions as quickly as possible when they occur and promote improvements
  • Ensures timely and accurate calculation of IFRS/Tax/JGAAP accounting and reporting through the management of daily processes
  • Analyze financial results to report to Management, FSA and the group
  • Ensure team members understand what is expected of them to achieve their objectives; provide regular feedback and appropriate development opportunities.
  • Enhance the team's ability to accept and handle ad-hoc tasks (e.g. company projects, group initiatives)
  • Team management, transform team in efficient way (e.g. control overtime, promote work-life balance)
  • Provide team with strong leadership and emphasize collaboration


  • Communication & negotiation with the team staff and the related departments to ensure timely and accurate calculation of JGAAP/Tax/IFRS accounting and reporting
  • Communicate and negotiate with the team staff members and related departments to ensure quality of accounting and reporting, and to avoid any material errors/collections

Oversee & Improve

  • Identify key financial drivers and opportunities to enhance company future earnings
  • Collect and analyze information from various sources and makes proposals of opportunities to enhance the company's future earnings or mitigation of the company risks
  • Improve financial analysis "actual to prior year" and "actual to forecast" comparison
  • Support staff in delivering risk and opportunity identified by themselves

Critical Leadership Competencies

  • Reengineer functional processes and system to improve effectiveness and efficiency (i.e. focus on customers)
  • Provide feedback to individuals in the team and works with them to set challenging development objectives (i.e. building capability)
  • Demonstrate an open mind, respond and support new ideas and changes (i.e. change leadership)


  • Financial Reporting Skills (IFRS, JGAAP) and Good Accounting Skills (IFRS, JGAAP) 
  • Adequate knowledge and experience with Japanese Tax (i.e.  Corporate Income Tax, Inhabitant Tax, Consumption Tax, Business Tax, etc)
  • Over 10 years work experience in Accounting and Tax
  • At least 8 years of experience in Financial Reporting (IFRS,JGAAP)
  • Tax accountant passed more than 3 examinations
  • Japan CPA , US CPA or same level preferable
  • Japanese (Native), Fluent in English
  • Facilitation skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Computer skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, SAP)