Job Description

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コミュニティーセールスマネージャー (Community Sales Manager)


¥ 3,000,000 - 6,000,000

Primary Skills


◆契約締結や更新対応 など

You will be responsible for the following tasks

  • Client management
  • Staff management (including improving employee satisfaction)
  • PL management
  • Sales management
  • Service measures to increase customer satisfaction
  • Contract conclusion and renewal, etc.
  • External sales activities to create new projects (both individual and corporate)
  • Sales planning and reporting
  • Facility operation and management duties (at the center in charge) etc.



(社内文書、PC ソフトなどは英語を使用します)
・PC基本操作( Excel, Word, Power Point など)


  • Experience in a leadership or management position.
  • Able to build relationships with customers, and enjoy talking to a variety of people.
  • Able to communicate well and organize a team.
  • Speak and read English at a daily conversation level. (English will be used for internal documents and PC software. This is a great opportunity to work for a global brand. (As this is a global brand job, you may be required to deal with customers in English depending on the center you are assigned to.
  • Basic PC operation (Excel, Word, Power Point, etc.)