Job Description

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Global Account Manager - Sales


¥ 5,500,000 - 6,000,000

Primary Skills

Sales Manager,Account Manager,Client Services,Offshore,Concrete


As a Global Account Manager / AE in this international Design Studio you will work with many of the best-known brands in the world to provide industry-leading production and content solutions that deliver concrete, measurable results.

Job Summary:
- Sales Manager responsible for global pharma clients
- Building trust as a Partner with global and regional clients
- Manage massive production work with internal team members and offshore production center
- Engage with our global network
- Provide high quality client services and solutions to grow the number of foreign clients
- Increase profits through effective and efficient collaboration with affiliates in our network
- Maximizing output as a team through project management


- Excellent communication skills in English (prefer TOEIC 800 or higher)
- Excellent communication skills in Japanese (native level)
- Business planning experience
- Experience selling to foreign clients
- Experience working for pharma client (Very important)
- Digital Knowledge
- Experience working or studying abroad
Personality traits
- Skilled in building relationships with people using strong Japanese and English communication skills.
- You will also be able to plan business logistically and lead a team or department.
- A personality that can be active rather than passive